Christy Frisby
Email at for all inquiries.

general terms
Please click here to read my conditions before commissioning.
By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms.

• Animation and commercial work is excluded in this list. Please email me for a quote/availability.
• Please be as specific as possible and provide proper reference.
• Payment upfront via Paypal invoicing.
** Half/half can be arranged if we've worked together before.
• I will draw anything but sexual content (this excludes partial nudity).
• Extra fee may be charged depending on complexity or added small characters/props.
Do not haggle with me. My pixel art is closer to detailed,
painted digital illustration and I am charging accordingly for its rendering.

• I may decline depending on slot fullness or content.
• Feel free to ask questions if confused ^^ Thank you!

You may sign up for my contact queue list when available!

large pixel

Cost : $100-130 per character
Bust to full body style character typically exceeding 250x250px.
(Please note scenic background is a seperate cost!)

regular pixel

Cost : $90 per character
Fullbody character typically exceeding 150x150px.
Simple background is included free.
(Please note scenic background is a seperate cost!)

pixel scene

Cost : $100-130
Scenic background that can also be ordered
with/without a large or regular pixel.
Price varies on detail (ex. flora).
(Please note that characters are a seperate cost!)

pixel icon

Cost : $30-$50
Bust or fullbody icon with a size up to 50x50px.
(Twitch emotes + badges fall under this category!)


Cost : Please email for a quote!
Just including commissioned non-gamedev examples here!